Discovery Zone Child Care and Learning Center



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Monday through Friday Hours: 7:45 am - 6:00 pm


Phone Number: 480-909-7823

1890 S. Plaza Dr. Apache Junction, AZ 85119


The Discovery Zone Childcare and Learning Center is a day care in Apache Junction for children 1-5 years of age. We serve families wanting Christian, faith-based daycare in the 85118, 85119, 85120, 85207, 85208, 85209, 85212 and 85140 zip codes. We teach preschool skills to help children have an academic advantage when they start kindergarten. We are dedicated to providing the highest quality child care and learning environment possible. Students here are welcomed into a safe, secure, and nurturing home away from home. The cognitive, social, physical, emotional and spiritual development of our students is encouraged through the numerous activities and experiences that we offer.


Core Principles

Faith Based Teachings- We are committed to a Christ-centered environment that offers traditional academic teachings. Our goal is to equip our children with a foundation of academic greatness as well as God's love for them.

Motor Skills- Through various activities, children are encouraged to grow both their fine and gross motor skills. Physical movement, coordination of their body parts and smaller movements are practiced daily.

Social Skills- From shy to outgoing, our family-like atmosphere aims to allow kids to gain socialization and integration. Communication, cooperation, conflict resolution, curiosity, and self-control are extremely important in your child's development. We are here to help them navigate through these skills.

Kindergarten Readiness- For our preschool aged students, this is their final stop before Kindergarten. It is our intention to nurture and prepare children for their next step in education. Major focuses for this age group will be writing, letter and number recognition, reading readiness, and more.