Attention: Our doors are now open again. To read our statement regarding precautions and restrictions due to the Corona Virus, click here.

Corona Virus

From Pastor Mike to our Love Gospel Church family:
We have reopened our doors for our weekend services. We are having our youth meetings Friday nights at 6 PM. We will have worship services Saturday at 6:30 PM and Sunday at 10:30 AM. Nursery and children’s church will be available.

My family was, as you know, affected by the virus. But we have recovered from all symptoms quite some time ago now, and according to CDC guidelines we are more than good to resume normal activities among people. We will make some temporary changes to the seating in the sanctuary to maintain a bit of space between people and family groups. Masks will be available by the front door, but are not required. And even though we are a super huggy church...and I love that about us, we really have to ask that everyone refrain from hugging or shaking hands for a while yet. We cannot promise a risk free environment; no one can. But we will take the steps we can to minimize risk. If you choose to stay home a while longer, we completely understand and support that. Virus numbers are still pretty active in our state.  But if you’re comfortable coming, please join us!

 For people watching from home, we will live stream the message for sure. If we have enough volunteers present, we will also live stream the worship, but I can’t completely guarantee it. That really depends on the number of volunteers we have present. I anticipate that quite a few people will stay home until the virus activity drops down in our state.

It was almost 3 weeks ago now that the virus did get into our church. That’s why we shut down for two weekends. I have since learned that quite a few people had likely been unknowingly exposed before they came to church. But it doesn’t matter who. Nobody knowingly or willingly exposed anyone else.  But it did get in. Almost everyone that was affected is now fully recovered or very close to it. But there are a few people in our church family that are still struggling with this virus. I am in prayer for them daily. But I have decided that if I’m going to err, I will err on the side of respecting their privacy until they are all through this. I am encouraged by what I know so far. Please join me in prayer for everyone’s complete recovery, but also please understand my desire to respect people’s privacy.

I’m going to be teaching on the Lord’s Supper, or Communion, for the next several weeks. God has been showing me a lot more about the healing power of communion that we need to learn and practice as a church. God has really good things for us and a great future for us as a church.
I look forward to seeing you either at church or on the live stream. God bless you. I love you all!
Pastor Mike