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He First Loved Us: How to Love God, Yourself, and Others

He First Loved Us 3

When you learn to freely receive God's love, it radically transforms and revolutionizes all your relationships. You will begin to love God, yourself, and others in a healthy and genuine way....

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He First Loved Us: Learn to Recieve

He First Loved Us 4

God loves us fully and unconditionally, but people who have been hurt usually build protective walls around their hearts. We mist learn how to open up and receive God's love for us....

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He First Loved Us: Love is Your Ministry

He First Loved Us 5

Are you looking for your ministry? If God is love, maybe your ministry is as simple as learning to fill your heart with His unconditional love, and then going out into the world to give it away!...

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The Good Samaritan: Law or Grace?

The Good Samaritan 1

Through the story of the good samaritan, Pastor Mike answers, do we gain salvation through law? Or grace?...

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The Good Samaritan: The Kingdom Revealed

The Good Samaritan 2

There is a lot more to the story of the good samaritan than you might think....

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Who is Jesus? The Messiah: Part Two

The Messiah 2

As a follower of Jesus, you also become an "anointed one" with the Spirit of God upon you....

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