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Family and Relationships: Men and Women Have Different Needs

Family & Relationships MEN AND WOMEN

Men and women have different needs - not only physically, but psychologically. Understanding the differing needs of men and women is important to building a happy, healthy marriage....

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Family and Relationships: Rejection Cycle in Marriage

Family & Relationships rejection cycle

The rejection cycle is frequently the cause of problems when a marriage is in trouble. Are you caught in a rejection cycle?...

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Family and Relationships: How to Break the Rejection Cycle

Family & Relationships how to break

The rejection cycle is a common destroyer of good marriages, but with Biblical tools, you can reverse the cycle and heal a marriage....

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Family and Relationships: No Love Without Sacrifice

Family & Relationships no love

The greatest demonstration of love ever given ended with a sacrifice on a cross, and from that we learn that there is no true love without some measure of sacrifice....

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Family and Relationships: 7 Things Every Child Needs

Family & Relationships 7 things

Every child is born into this world with an empty tank that needs to be filled. Here are seven things that your child needs from you in order to grow up healthy and whole....

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Family and Relationships: Two Things Your Child Needs From You

Family & Relationships 2 things

Pastor Mike Harding discusses that raising a child successfully is not as complicated as people make it. Children simply need a good balance of healthy affection and principled discipline....

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